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May / June 2018

TAKE ACTION!  Now's the time to register for KC!
If you've been sitting on the fence about registering for the 2018 convention in Kansas City, you need to get off that fence and get on your computer and take action soon.  We have a strong level of registration which means that we are seeing strong demand for the hotel and extra fare tours!
The convention hotel, The Westin Crown Center, is filling up fast and the room that you want may be sold out soon if you don't take action.  Some of the tours have already sold out so if you're planning to attend the convention and participate in some of the great extra-fare tours that we have planned, you need to take action.
We want you to have a great time in Kansas City, but you need to take action now to have truly great experience.

Visit http://www.kc2018.org/ for all the details!

More new partners in our Partnership Program
North America Director-At-Large

These companies have recently joined our Partnership Program:

East Coast Circuits -- Lighted emergency vehicles, circuits for traffic lights, transmission towers, and random structure lighting, among others.  Circuits can also be custom-ordered.

Model Train Catalogue --  Helps modelers keep track and manage valuable collections of any size.  Adaptable to the way any modeler works.

Our current partners:

CatzPaw Innovations
East Coast Circuits
Green Frog Productions
Hot Wire Foam Factory
Jason's Brass Poles
LARC Products
Logic Rail Technologies
MinuteMan Scale Models
Model Railroad Benchwork
Model Train Catalogue
Modelers Decals and Paint
Monster Modelworks
Motrak Models
MRC (Model Rectifier Corporation)
OK Engines/Streamliners
Rusty Stumps
Scale Model Plans
Scalecoat Paint
Scenery Solutions/Fusion Fiber
Showcase Miniatures
Team Track Models
The N-Scale Architect
The Train Show, Inc.
Train Installations, LLC
Trainmasters TV/Model RR Hobbyist
Unreal Details (Magic Water)
USA Airbrush Supply/Badger Airbrush
If you're a manufacturer or know of one who'd like to join our Partnership Program, please contact Peter Youngblood, At-Large North American Director, at alnadir@nmra.org.

The NMRA holds its first-ever social media modeling contest

NMRA Marketing Consultant

On January 31, the NMRA Social Media Team consisting of Gordon Robinson, Barbara Hoblit, Ken Liesse and Christina Zambri rolled out the first-ever NMRA Social Media Kit Building Contest.

 Launched on Facebook and consisting of the Dannen Feeds Kit by Railroad Kits, participants had until April 1st to finish construction and post their final pictures. Aside from open voting in the NMRA Facebook Group, extra points were awarded for sharing the contest and progress on other Facebook pages, social media platforms, websites, and blogs. In addition, kit modifications such as signage, lighting, scenery and attached buildings earned bonus points.

 Contestants were encouraged to document their journey through photographs and video, using the hashtag "NMRAContest" for tracking. Winners and prizes were as follows:

First Prize - One new/extended one-year membership with NMRA Magazine awarded to Gregory Baker

Second Prize - One new/extended one-year membership without the magazine awarded to Jason Jensen

Third Prize - One credit of $25 toward NMRA merchandise awarded to Ron Poidomani

Railroad Kits sweetened the pot by offering free shipping and a $50 gift certificate to one random participant, provided they used the hashtag "RRKits."

The contest was a success at encouraging fun and engagement with both the hobby and fellow modelers. Photos and competition information could be found in numerous modeling groups, on modeling websites, including Model Railroad Hobbyist, blogs, Twitter and even a six-part video documentary on YouTube.

The NMRA would like to thank all who participated in this new venture -- especially Railroad Kits -- and we look forward to conducting more contests in the future.

Have a contest idea? Submit it to marketing@nmra.org.

Important NMRA eBulletin news you may have missed

News and announcements from past issues.  Thanks to volunteer Tom Bensberg, all issues are archived on the NMRA website and these links will send you directly to them.

Remember: your email address has to be registered on the website (not just with Headquarters) to get to the Members Only section of our website!

Go to https://www.nmra.org/user/register to 
register your name on the website.

Gerry Leone, MMR, HLM, and Chuck Diljak
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A few words from the President

The CSRM Gallery Exhibit needs your help

Although I've addressed this topic numerous times, almost every time I attend an NMRA local or national event, someone chides me for not "telling us what is happening with the Gallery Exhibit"!  So in the June issue of 
NMRA Magazine, I'll provide an update and a report on the Gallery Exhibit at the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM). Space does not allow such a full report here but we could use your help.  Who knows - maybe you can be a part of this effort.

First, some history.  Over a decade ago, we conceived of the idea for an exhibit on scale model railroading.  The purpose was simple.  To attract people to our hobby, we believe you must show them what we do. 
Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette editor Bob Brown stated that truth some years back and after years of looking nationwide for sites, the CSRM offered free space on their mezzanine or "gallery" level in return for our creation of exactly the kind of exhibit we had hoped to build.  CSRM attracts over 600,000 visitors every year, so this exhibit promises to attract more visitors each year than all the train shows combined attract in a year

As designed, the exhibit has three elements: a gallery of inspiring models and layouts designed to impress the visitor with the unexpected nature of scale model railroading.  Second, a brief tour through our history is presented along with the hobby in the 21st century, showcasing the state of the hobby today. The last segment highlights different aspects of the hobby including a display on the NMRA, a layout under construction, a typical workbench and information on how to get involved in the hobby.

After some discussions and conference call meetings, the design team from Activate recommended an overall cohesive theme to the exhibit.  They were impressed by the passion and drive inherent in model railroaders.  They concluded that we are model railroaders because "we have to be." Capturing that passion and drive is hard to translate to the public but our exhibit must tell the story of our hobby not just through artifacts but also through the story of the modelers behind them.  

And that's when you come in!  We need your help.  We'd love to have you send a head/shoulders picture with a two-liner about why you are a model railroader and what compels you to do this?  And please provide your current or past work description if you would.  We want to show that model railroaders come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. You can send those to me at president@nmra.org .  

Second, we are in need of pre-war Varney kits, locos and rolling stock as well as vintage kits from the 1950's and 1960's.  If you have any you are willing to donate, please contact Bob Brown at gazette@att.net . 

Needless to say, we are all very excited about this exhibit and its potential.  Out of 600,000 annual visitors, perhaps we interest only a handful.  But a handful is better than none and would be in addition to the folks we recruit now.  We hope to open the exhibit as early as October although I think Spring 2019 is more realistic given the amount of work ahead of us. So stay tuned! You will all be invited to the Grand Opening.

And whether you agree or disagree with me, we welcome your thoughts, insights and comments.  And as I also always say.....those are my thoughts.....what are yours?

Results of the 2018 Elections

NMRA Secretary

The following NMRA members were elected to the following positions in the 2018 elections:

President                                           Pete Magoun, MMR
Vice President/Administration           John Stevens
Vice President/Special Projects        Gerry Leone, MMR, HLM
At Large North American Director     Jim Gore, MMR
Eastern District Director                    Bob Hamm, MMR
Pacific District Director                      Rob Peterson

In addition, the Executive Handbook revision passed.

A huge "thank you" to all the candidates, and "congratulations" to those who won.

Notice of 2019 Elections

NMRA Secretary

The following NMRA Board of Directors positions are open for election in 2019:
  1. Western District Director;
  2. Atlantic District Director; and
  3. At-Large Worldwide Director.

The current At-Large Worldwide Director is term limited and therefore is ineligible to be a candidate for this election. Both the current Atlantic District Director and the Western District Director are eligible to be candidates for this election.

Please check Article III, paragraph 12, of the NMRA Executive Handbook, EHB, located at http://www.nmra.org for the extent of the districts affected. Qualifications for candidates are listed in the EHB. Candidate Statements are limited to 400 words.
Submissions of candidate statements for the Western District Director and US resident candidates for At-Large Worldwide Director shall be submitted to Tony Koester, National Nominating Committee Chair, at nkpfan@ptd.net no later than May 15, 2018.
Submissions of candidate statements for the Atlantic District Director and Atlantic District resident candidates for At-large Worldwide Director shall be submitted to the Atlantic District Nominating Committee Chair Carol Webb at nominating_chair@nmrabr.org.uk no later than May 15, 2018.
Submissions of candidate statements for Pacific District resident candidates for At-Large Worldwide Director shall be submitted to David O'Hearn, Pacific District Nominating Committee Chair, at dohearn@internode.on.net no later than May 15, 2018.
Submissions of candidate statements for NMRA Canada resident candidates for At-Large Worldwide Director shall be submitted to Ed Molenkamp, NMRA Canada Nominating Committee Chair, at ed@arcadeflooring.ca no later than May 15, 2018.
Candidates may wish to run for these positions by petition and not be subjected to the decisions of the respective Nominations Committee. Requirements for submitting by petition are contained in the EHB. All submissions by petition shall be received by the Secretary NMRA at secy@nmra.org no later than September 15, 2018.

Shoot 'em up!  We want your photos for the 
2019 NMRA calendar!

By Mike Brestel, Calendar Project Chair
You're proud of your model railroad. Why not share it by submitting a photo or two for the 2019 edition of the NMRA Model Railroad Calendar? The calendar is distributed to every U.S. member as a fundraising project. To have your layout photo considered for inclusion, just follow these easy steps:

1 . Take a horizontal (landscape) format photo of your layout.
2 . Submit your photo as a digital file, as a 35mm or medium format slide (100 ISO or slower), or as a 35mm or medium format color negative (200 ISO or slower).
Digital files must be at least 300 pixels per inch and 8" x 12" (minimum size of 8.6 megapixels - larger is better).  Accepted file types are tiff (preferred) or jpg (highest quality only).
3 . Write a caption describing the action in your shot, the scale, the builder, and the photographer.  Include that information on a separate piece of paper, or as a text or .doc file on your submission CD or DVD.
4 . Please limit your entries to no more than your four best scenes.
5 . Be sure to include your address, phone number, and email with your submissions.
By submitting images for the NMRA Calendar, you are giving permission to the editors to alter them as needed (cropping, smoke and lighting effects, etc.). Be sure to indicate specifically if you do NOT give permission to alter your images.
Send to : NMRA - ATTN: Calendar Project, PO Box 1328, Soddy Daisy, TN 37384-1328
UPS/FedEx address: 8414 Gulf View Dr. Suite A, Soddy Daisy, TN 37379
Photos must be received by July 15, 2018 for consideration.

Questions? contact Mike Brestel at 513-661-2141 or 513-481-0185.
Region and National Conventions 
(Only those Regional conventions occurring in the next three months are listed)
Newest Master Model Railroaders

609:  Steve Chapman, AR

610:  Howdy Lamprecht, MCR

611:  Jim Little, PNR

In an upcoming issue of NMRA Magazine

  • Joe Kasper's N-scale BN Marais Division
  • Bret Overholtzer's N-scake MKT St. Louis Subdivision
  • Selecting LCC hardware

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