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Hi, Here is a tip for modelers and the module people. Find an old "junk" RR car. Give this to the young kids to "touch & feel". They seem to get a kick out of that. Joe Kurilec


03/08/2016 - This NKP/NS, #8100 unit came thru Berea today 3-8-16 Nobottom underpass.

02/03/2016 - This Susquehanna loco, right out of the box, was spotted on the Nobottom Road, Berea Ohio over pass on 2-2-2016.


I found this truck parked at the Berea Union Depot with diesel horns mounted in the bed of the pickup!
A railfan owns the truck. It is NOT part of the NS.
The owner also has a Nathan horn loaded in the back of the truck bed (not used).
In the front seat were two steam whistle.... Amazing!



This crew has been "on call" for at least 3 days! I learned today that they were waiting for shipment of prefab track & switches to be used at BE Tower. All photo's taken west of BE Tower on Depot street, Wed. 1-6-20116.

The track was already unloaded from the train.




NS unit SD40-2 with the NMRA 2014 National convention, Cleveland Ohio, 2014 logo.
Berea, Ohio, Nobottom over pass, 9-19-15 4:45PM. Joe Kurilec


FROM JOE KURILEC 06/27/2015:

Brewster meets Denver!
Shot this in the pouring rain at route 237 & Brookpark road in Cleveland, Ohio, across from the RTA shops and Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Sat. 6-27-2015.

Joe Kurilec, MMR


FROM JOE KURILEC 11/25/2014:

This unit came thru Berea, sitting on the bridge over Nobottom/ Barrett Rds., today 11-25-14, 5PM.
Maybe you could post it to the website....



From Joe Kurilec:

Here is a link to the Discovery channel (Canada) interview (not being played in the USA) with Don Wetzel.
Don is a very good friend of mine and a NMRA member. He "flew" the jet powered RDC for the NYC.
I think the interview is very interesting and Div. 4 members might like it.
That's your call.


Don also was invited to the circus train for lunch. He sent these images.
I found them very interesting. There are images from the "machine car-repair car for the circus.
The diner, called the "pie-car" are also images that are not normally seem.
Hope that you can post them to the Div. 4 site.


From Joe Kurilec

I found this BEAUTIFUL NS passenger consist at the Rockport yards! (today Friday 9-19-2014)
This train was MINT!
I did know there was some type of passenger train coming thru Rockport.... I do not know what this train was doing in Rockport Yards.

I think the A-B-A units are F-9's. I'm a steam nut, so diesels are not that important to me.... sort of.
The train was 11 cars in all.

Anyway, please use these images as you wish, Flatwheel, or the website.

Joe Kurilec, MMR

A-B-A, F-P's (???)

generator-power car

observation car(?)

Car, West Virginia

Car, Carolina

Car, observation car

Car, Kentucky, a diner(??)

Car, Delaware, a dome.

Taking up the rear is the stadium seating, inspection car.

From: joe kurilec <jkurilec@earthlink.net>
Subject: flatwheel "article"
To: dave_wms@sbcglobal.net
Date: Friday, February 15, 2013, 3:19 PM

Here is some info that should be of interest to our
Edit as needed... add when you need filer space!
Or use as bird cage liner!

I have one package of Precision Scale O scale leaf springs
for freight trucks. Un opened, new, yours free.
Send me a email: jkurilec@earthlink.net
or call 440-243-2337 with your mailing address.
I will put them in the mail (no cost to you-GREAT deal!)

I feel we should ALWAYS purchase from OUR local hobby
dealers first!
Some scratch building supplies are hard to come by.
I first check the Walther's website to see if items are in
stock, if so, my order is placed at my local dealer.
(note that dealers will also check to see if the item(s) can
be ordered)


I have found that a search of manufacture's sites "almost
always" have the products I need!
Below are several sites that have many items that are "out
of stock-delivery unknown (in the Walther's catalog).



The above link was nice to send me my items with an invoice!
In this day and age...un heard off!
Great email communications!


They are super helpful. Great email communications!

Great customer service. Return phone calls, if there is a


I found the link below to have a pretty good selection of
Cal Scale casting. Great email communications!


I also have found several firms in our local area that can
provide many tools that we use for modeling.

MARC's: The tool selection (in the close
out area of each store) is interesting and varies from store
to store. I have found many "smaller" tools
that can be used for model railroading and they prices are
VERY good!

Home Depot & Lowes: Air compressors. Prices start around
$80.00. They come with moisture traps and pressure gauges!

Pat Catans & Michael's Arts & Crafts Store: Brushes,
paint, paint mixing items, cardstock, model tools, wood
supplies, glues
and if you look around, a ton of other items for our hobby
are there!

I feel a real "un-tapped" source of tools are some local
tool companies below. All have GREAT customer service and go
out of the way to help you!
Most seem to have the General tool line products, and many
items that can be used on the model workbench.

Cleveland Tool & Cutter
14181 Foltz Parkway
Strongsville, OH 44149

Harbor Freight Tools


Production Tool Supply (they have a FREE
tool catalog that is very large-FREE!)
10801 Brookpark Rd (across from Home Depot)
Cleveland,OH 44130

Ornamental Products Tool & Supply Inc. (The person that
helped me was a Lionel train modeler!)
5105 Pearl Rd.
Cleveland,OH 44129

Macho Tool & Supply
5611 Clark Ave. ( near Train Ave. on Clark)
Cleveland, OH 44102
Also a Brunswick, OH location
1678 West 130th St.
Brunswick,OH 44212








































































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